II Neotropical Raptor Conference

and Symposium on Raptors of the Southern Cone


Iguaz�, Argentina

June 11-14th 2006








Welcome to the 2006 NRC!


Meeting Program and Abstracts (PDF File 900KB)


The Neotropical Raptor Network held the Second Neotropical Raptor Conference, with a Symposium on Raptors of the Southern Cone June 11-14, 2006.  Scientists, conservationists, resource managers, falconers, representatives of zoos, government and non-government organizations and other persons and institutions with an interest in the research and/or conservation of birds of prey in Latin America and the Caribbean participated in a meeting to share knowledge, interests, and concerns and help develop a network of practitioners in the fields of raptor conservation, research, captive breeding and falconry.


The meeting included a symposium dedicated to research and conservation of raptors of the Southern Cone, invited speakers on raptor biology and conservation, contributed papers and posters on raptor biology and conservation, workshops pertaining to raptor research and conservation, as well as a host of social activities and the constant lure of the Iguaz� Falls and National Park.


This conference marked four years since the first Neotropical Raptor Conference held in Panama City, Panama in October 2002.  The Advisory Board to the NRN chose Iguaz�, Argentina for several reasons.  Among them the NRN and the NRC are for all people working with birds of prey in the Neotropics, the biogeographical region that extends from Mexico to the end of Tierra del Fuego.  Argentina brought this conference across the equator and closer to many of its members� and species! 


Argentina and the Southern Cone were also identified as regions with a burgeoning population of enthusiastic individuals entering the field of raptor biology and among the goals of the NRN is to empower this growing potential.  Argentina�s varied landscapes and climates, from sub-tropical to sub-Antarctic, offers a wide range of habitats inhabited by many species and an important opportunity to address aspects of Raptor biology and conservation in the Neotropical realm, outside the tropics.


Iguaz� is on the border with Brazil and Paraguay, it constitutes a part of the Atlantic Forest, a threatened biome which harbors several species of raptors, some of which are rare endemics.  The Mantled Hawk (Leucopternis polionota) featured in the conference image are among the most rare and threatened raptor species in the Americas.


...and, of course, Iguaz� Falls are a world renowned tourist destination that absolutely everyone with a passion for the our natural world must experience!


We invite you to join us for the Third Neotropical Raptor Conference planned for 2009 in Colombia. 


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