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Las Aves Rapaces: Guía Didáctica de Educación Ambiental by Méndez, et al.

An educational guide for teachers, available only in Spanish, this book contains six chapters focused on Neotropical raptors. The first chapter provides information on the basic biology of raptors. Chapters two and three delve into the characteristics of particular raptor species such as the Harpy Eagle, the Ornate Hawk-Eagle, and the Snail Kite. The fourth chapter focuses on the importance of raptors as top predators and the importance they play in various cultures around the world, and the fifth chapter discusses raptor conservation. The final chapter contains 12 activities to be used in the classroom that teach about raptors while focusing on basic subjects such as math, literature, science, art, and physical education

The latest edition of Spizaetus (#36) is now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

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