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The NRN is a membership-based organization aimed to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of people working with raptors in the Neotropics. Its goal is to aid the research and conservation of Neotropical raptors by promoting communication and collaboration among biologists, ornithologists, raptor enthusiasts, and other conservationists working in the Neotropics.

The NRN achieves these ends primarily through its Organizational Projects . The Organizational Projects constitute a set of resources that aid people working with raptors in the Neotropics. The base level of communication established by the NRN is a list-server. The NRN List-server acts as a discussion forum for the members of the NRN. Joining the NRN

The NRN also convenes a Neotropical Raptor Conference approximately every four years. The founding Neotropical Raptor Conference and Harpy Eagle Symposium was convened by The Peregrine Fund in Panama City, Panama, in October of 2002. The second Neotropical Raptor Conference was held in Iguazu, Argentina, in June of 2006.  The IV Neotropical Raptor Conference was held in 2017 in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Learn more about the VI Neotropical Raptor Conference.

To keep members abreast of other developments in the world of Neotropical raptor research and conservation, we publish a bi-annual NRN e-Newsletter . The Newsletter brings people up to speed on the activities of the NRN, events in Neotropical raptor research and conservation, involvement opportunities, and it also serves as a showcase for those who would like to relate their work and stories with Neotropical Raptors. Check it out!

Finally, among the NRN Organizational Projects are the NRN Research and Conservation Priorities . This is a guide for aiding the prospective researcher, conservationist, or funding organization to understand and identify the most important areas in Neotropical raptor research and conservation. This guide is maintained relevant and current by the Advisory Board of the NRN. Explore the current priorities in raptor research and conservation

The NRN may also engage in Scientific and Conservation Projects .

These projects are open to proposal. Consideration of proposals address the goals identified in the Mission Statement as well as detailed methodology and funding sources. More info

Conversations from the Field - To help spread the word about the amazing work many of our NRN members are doing, Markus Jais and Yennifer Hernandez have begun conducting interviews with raptor biologists working across Central and South America and the Caribbean, with many different raptor species.

  • To read their latest interview with Santiago Zuluaga, Director of Fundación Proyecto Águila Crestada-Colombia (PAC-C), whose goal is the long-term conservation of the Black and Chestnut Eagle ( Spizaetus isidori ) in Colombia, click your preferred language: English Spanish | Portuguese.
  • To read their latest interview with Ryan Phillips of the Belize Raptor Research Institute, click your preferred language. English | Spanish | Portuguese


Join us for the VI Neotropical Raptor Conference in Pereira, Colombia in October 2024

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